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Stations and sectors ignorant nectar
Fruit drips with succulent texture,
While you fill fine divine in your altered state of mind
The devil signs blinks one eye to dispute all that you've tried.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 0
Dance Drink Dream
Dance, Drink, Fill your needs as they be,
The clock ticks slow-mo as you embrace your fantasy.
And Oh God does so know the flavor of that you wish,
Be it a Bitch or Man Bitch or either itch you wish to itch.
There's promised Bliss in witch Climax will be Climatic,
Perhaps seldom the thoughts you though not problematic.
There will be Music sensational, sensationally grand,
Beautiful faces in the presence of places you stand.
And the Stars will fade as the people do follow,
No worries about that,cause their Star Light was hollow.
Dream and we see that the ends nearer than some,
See it real clear when your end is your funds.
But tonight do we dance and we drink what we see,
And awake in the morning to a old fantasy.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 1 0
Mature content
What You Want From Me :iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 0
Just My Type
The man cant manage him self, how he gonna mange you.
Keep smokin lookin through your rearview.
Plenty people love to watch lookin as it all falls,
maybe when its said and done there be less then the 2 of yall.
Problems planed accumulate
people always contemplate
meaning when you fall apart
theres always someone there to take.
Breathin keeped us easy steady livin in a routine,
while these other mother fuckers steady dreamin creatine.
I was just a watcher, never majored in photograph,
Obviously mirrors crack when the weight is hard on thy.
laying down brings down drift equip with dirt,
Farther from the fruit of the earth.
Worries fade away like your gloss and your good looks
every day is a last look, last chance he could be shook.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 1 0
Mature content
Aint Worry Bout The He Say :iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 2 0
Heaven Is Alive
Drugged up and laid out looking at my med spread,
my friends never came out, something that i probably said.
I dont know who and why but i know i'm gonna die.
I just wish I woulda shoulda coulda if i really tried.
The Doctor comes to scratch and sniff,
The Nurse comes to poke and pry,
Acting if hed really wished i was going to survive.
Looking out the window i can see the possibilities,
Chances I will never get, people i will never see.
The person I will never be, the family that I'll never have,
The opportunities that slipped away that i could never grabbed.
I wonder if knew about it, maybe done it differently,
Never hurt so many people maybe found a family.
Maybe medicated sooner Giving me more time to play,
Doesn't matter anyways i wouldn't have no cash to pay.
My mother comes to see me but her eyes are full of agony,
Fathers too, every time they look their look is stabbin me.
I Just wanna drift away giving them a better day,
giving me some peace from the ills and the pills ...
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 1 0
Time Doesn't Heal Everything
If Time was our means than what means are means for money,
You Laugh now and look left, shrug and think im funny.
We was only what was yesterday our fast thoughts fade away,
Our styles kinda change but still remain what they wore meant to be.
People love to look and stair comment and participate
Girls love to swing their hair, smile and obliterate
Friends move us closer while their trials always push us back,
Believe and you will see the evil, why you nevered called them back.
I was just ah watcher never majored in photograph,
So much pain learned im a major in psychology.
Honestly if they gave me power over poverty,
I would probably flip the bill, just to pay for modesty.
I believe people arnt just born just to represent,
Parents only half way there, Parents that aint never there.
People who ain't never cared, common violence and the pain,
All I wanna say is time doesn't heal every thing.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 0
Hero. by mirror-to-the-world Hero. :iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 2
Upload Me
You uploaded me and I loathed you,
another tale of one verse two.
You say your days seem to spend faster,
a young bastered perticipating in mindless chatter.
Though as I change my world its seems I change you,
change them and their friends by the things that I do.
The choices I make and the time that I take,
to sit, contimplated on my own desired fate.
You uploaded me now Ill ask you to leave,
cause you wont let me grow to the man I wish to be.
If you could only know how I despise your style,
your poision, your lies, your drugs, your wild.
Since I choose to live and to reach for my dreams,
I must leave you to run in your circle, your schems.
Were I am head you truely cant go,
simple because you cant see the road.
This means you surely will never get to see or to touch to taint,
The marvoulious wonders in my life that Ill create.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 0
Estana Rosa
I had dream were i was surrounded by a mountain of things.
Many different hues and a sweet filling of change.
When suddenly I saw a girl who seemed to step out of a poster,
I asked ah man her name and he replied Estana Rosa.
I watched closely and seen she had a sister,
ah spoiled brat who couldn't see the bigger picture.
And her sister had friends who wore the same,
who got jealous bullied others and slandered names.
Though Estana was different, an unknown activist,
spreading awareness, kindness, her school had a lack of this.
She posted flyer's reading, "Stop School bulling".
And even organized donations for new books and better schooling.
Though through all her efforts the kids would not see,
How Estana was trying to make life better for you and me.
They continued to bully lesser kids, fight and disrespect each other.
Slander names, making school a difficult place to learn for one another.
But Estana did not quite, she gave speeches at pep rallies,
many laughed but she held strong kn
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 1 6
The Hearts Of Women
Today I seen the hearts of women,
not all are the likes of I.
Some settled for cheap,
while others settled for minke.
Many wore cruel,
thinking being so would make them cool,
getting them the hottest boy in school.
Me myself, I believe in being sincere,
and not superficial as some women appear.
As many proceed to be,
Yet being a heartless bitch isn't me.
Many men try to take my kindness in vein,
trying to deceive my will to love,
Though Ive loved, lost and felt pain,
Ive grown to know not all men conduct the same.
And for me and women like me, our fruits will prosper
Because we still believe in true love, ah dream we fostered.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 0
Does Not Mean
To be alive doesn't mean you breath,
to think success doesn't mean you'll achieve.
Knowing love isn't the same as having it,
and sex should be a gift not a habit.
Inspiration is birthed in the mind,
and self-esteem can make one fill divine.
Richeous morals weigh heavy on those who don't believe,
and what a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive.
To think you right isn't the same as being right,
and ageing is a blessing if your forced early in to that light.
Finding God isn't the same as finding enlightenment,
Though finding failure is the same as trying to fight it.
Broken glass wont all ways cut you like most figure,
But your image will always be cut in a broken mirror.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 4 8
Mirror 2 Tha World by mirror-to-the-world Mirror 2 Tha World :iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 0 2
I Had A Dream Once
I had a dream once!
It died,
Years later i looked inside
And gave birth to another!
It died,
And for years I tried,
but none of my dreams seemed fit to survive.
Till one day I found myself in tears,
questioning myself as my inner strength disappeared.
And amongst these questions was this,
Why now, even in my lowest esteem should I quit.
I must never quit to dream.
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 3 2
Ah Lost Tear
Add me and find simplistic love
I will define what you wore scared of.
I move and I breath while watching you,
You do the same yet ur face will too turn blue
And it will too scare you to your own point
while it brings about the pain of your failed joints.
Love me and I will say
I love you though you decay
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 1 0
Everyone else's point
Have you ever wanted to be someone else?
So has everone else at some point!
:iconmirror-to-the-world:mirror-to-the-world 2 0


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Mirror allways comes back. Every true artist does and wanna thank those who keeped at it in my absents. I also wanna thank those that did delete me in my absents.. may there intrest be captured again. annywayys..
We have a big month here coming, big week for yours truly. id interate more but as you know i lol if u remember i update my journal often.  Peace=)
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United States
Every song, every interveiw.

Current Residence: Seattle I wished
Favourite genre of music: Gangster rap
Favourite photographer: Lindzars Biggest Fan XD
Favourite style of art: Poetry
Skin of choice: Thick
Favourite cartoon character: Goku
Personal Quote: Love always has a chance tomorrow


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